Monday, May 30, 2022

Values of Children in the Age of Modern Gadgets

 Children are susceptible to harmful effects that gadgetry brings due to the modern trends of technology. Globally, 60 to 70% of kids aged 10-17 have a cell phone. On average, they spend up to five hours a day talking on the phone, sending texts, or playing games. Additionally, a mobile phone called Firefly, designed for children under the age of five will be available so they can communicate with their parents.

It may be impossible to control how this gadget is used. The responsibility of being responsible is yours as a mother or parent, to teach your child to pay up when his or her phone runs out of credit. Mobile companies could agree to automatically cut off usage when a child exceeds the allowance for a month.

Almost all mobile phones come with an inbuilt camera, so you can tell your children what kind of pictures to take and what doesn't make sense.

It is preferable if you let them know you will only be able to remove the photos and videos.

You should buy as simple and easy to use a mobile phone as possible. It would be great if children had a smartphone that allows them to surf the web, monitor their menu programs, and access the built-in controls for younger users.

In addition to making our lives easier, modern technology also has some disadvantages. The young ones should be taught about the positive and negative effects it may have.

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