Thursday, May 19, 2022

Games are Important for Children

 In addition to keeping our minds and bodies healthy, games play a significant role in a child's life. Many parents encourage their children not to waste time playing games and to focus on their studies. In addition to instilling discipline in children, games, and sports also help them become fit physically and mentally. It also helps them build self-confidence. However, they fail to realize that games and sports help students develop discipline and become physically fit. This also allows them to develop social skills, making them less stressed.

Playing helps children interact with new people. It is known that people who play some form of game or another have lower rates of depression. They also feel less stressed when playing games. Also, they feel more comfortable socializing and making new friends. The child also learns to work in a team while playing games. In order to succeed at games, the child must cooperate with the team members and coordinate with them. Thus, games teach children to work together at an early age and the importance of teamwork.

Playing games also makes people happier. It also teaches them the importance of coping with physical and emotional pain. Schools should emphasize the importance of sports and games to students. There are people who have excelled in sports who have always emphasized how children should be allowed to play. Studies are important, but so are games. Parents should encourage their children to play games they find interesting, whether indoor games like carom, table tennis, chess, or outdoor games like cricket, football, Kabaddi, or basketball. The parents should motivate their children and understand the importance of games and sports.


Playing games is an effective way to de-stress and enjoy life. Children who study all the time may feel pressed and tense. Children who do not play games are dull and introverted. They hide behind books at all times and do not interact with others. It is true that books can make a person more knowledgeable, but sports and games teach life lessons that are useful later in life. Children should be encouraged to play and do what they enjoy. During this stage, children learn about many things. Games help them to learn and have fun.

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